Texarkana’s Premier Computer Repair Shop

1209 E 35th Street

For the last 8 years Tri-State Computer Repair has served the people of Texarkana with honesty, integrity, and commitment. In October of 2017 Tri-State Computer Repair became a part of Tri-State Technologies. We’re still here to serve the people of Texarkana. We enjoy computer repair, and as such it’s not a job but a passion. Whether it’s virus issues, or bad hardware our technicians can diagnose and solve your computer problems quickly and efficiently. We offer a free next business day diagnosis on all computers that come in to the shop.

Come See Us

We’re located at 1209 E 35th Street in Texarkana, AR, on the corner of 35th and Jefferson. You can come by anytime between 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday or you can give us a call at 903-213-3624.

Our Process

When you bring your computer to us we first record the identifying information about your computer. We also record your contact information so we can get in touch with you with results. We’ll get a description of your problem and record all the data in our state of the art system so our techs can begin working on it as soon as possible. We’ll take your computer to the diagnostics bench and begin testing all of your hardware. When the hardware test is complete we will attempt to reproduce your problem. As soon as all the tests are completed the results are recorded for our techs, and you’ll receive a phone call with the results and an estimate for repair. Our techs then take your computer and begin working on the solving your problem for you as soon as possible.

What happens then?

Check out our status page to see the current state of your system, it’s updated in real time. You’ll receive a phone call from one of our staff to let you know that your computer is ready to be picked up. We’ll keep your computer safe until you can come pick it up. Remember when you come to pick it up that we need either your claim ticket or your ID so that we can get the right computer to the right person.