AWS Cloud Solutions

Don’t let the cloud scare you

Cloud solutions can be scary, not knowing what’s really going on out there in “the cloud”. Is your data safe? Who has access to my stuff? How does it work? And isn’t it crazy expensive? These are all questions we’ve heard. We’re here to tell you, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Our technicians are pending their certifications to become AWS Solutions Architects, and as such we’ve spent hours, if not days, studying and training about the AWS Cloud platforms. We use AWS here in our offices to save us the hassle of having servers on-site that we have to clean and maintain. We also get the benefit of being able to upgrade our servers to even bigger ones when we need it without the headache of lost data and downtime. Our custom work order system is run in the cloud, in fact so is this website!

What can a cloud solution do for me?

The AWS Cloud platform has dozens of different services that can be integrated into your business. With the hours of training we’ve gone through we understand what these services can, and can’t, do. Are you looking to buy a new server but can’t see spending thousands of dollars on a piece of hardware that is going to be obsolete in a few years? We can migrate you into the cloud. Do you need to be able to process massive amounts of data in the shortest time possible? We can help you configure AWS’s Data Analysis tools. Do you want to host a website that can handle millions of hits a day? We understand how to configure load balancing and automated server expansion to help handle the load.

Is a cloud solution right for me?

We can’t answer that here, but we’ll be glad to give you a free consultation to help you decide if cloud solutions would be the right fit for you! Give us a call today at 903-213-3625 to schedule a time we can discuss the options with you.